Welcome to Stockport Amateur Theatres’ website.

This site aims to list all Stockport based amateur theatres’ forthcoming productions and generally bang the drum for great quality live theatre in the Stockport area.

Stockport has a wealth of fantastic amateur theatre companies whose performances are anything but “amateur” and we would encourage you, if you haven’t already, to pay them a visit. You will be in for a treat and all at a very reasonable price.

The amateur theatre world is alive and kicking and just because some of the performing companies perform in a village / community hall that absolutely does not mean that the standard of performance will be “village hall”. Good quality live theatre does not have to take place in a traditional theatre environment. Standards are generally speaking vey high. These theatre companies are very professional in their approach to staging a production and their teams (technical, wardrobe, props etc) work extremely hard in providing first class backup to the director and the actors and actresses on stage.

As you will see from the events list there is a wide range of productions for you to see. The list abounds with high quality dramas of all descriptions, musicals and pantomimes – something for everyone.